Current Jam 2018 is just around the corner!

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Wednesday  may 30  7:00 PM

 Thursday  may 31  7:00 PM

Friday  June 1  7:00 pm

Saturday  June 2  1:00 PM

Saturday  june 2  7:00 PM




Tickets can be purchased starting

Monday, May 21, 2018:   


This website is open until 12 hours prior to each performance, after that remaining tickets will be sold in the box office only.


What is Current Jam?


The first Current Jam was conducted by William Hughes in the spring of 1973.  It started as a way to showcase individual talents of students performing popular music and give the choir the opportunity to perform arrangements of pop tunes.  Most of the arrangements were created by the students. 

Current Jam ’77 was the first year with Dr. Robert Peterson at the helm.   Current Jam became the Edina High School version of show choirs.  Under Dr. Peterson’s leadership technology was bought into the productions.  The use of video projection and lighting became core to the shows. 

 Current Jam ’99 was then turned over to Dr. David Henderson.  He spent many years working with Dr. Peterson on the show.  During his tenure, Current Jam has continued to remain “current”.  The choir still performs large group numbers with choreography and the solo groups contribute to a well-balanced entertaining show.

 There have been 3 choreographers for all 40 years of the shows, Tom Amundson, Randy Winkler and John Command.  All three possess the ability to come  up with moves that work onstage for dancers and non-dancers alike.

 The name Current Jam was suggested by Laurie Wilson Spencer, ’73 and the Concert Choir of 1973.  The students with the help of William Hughes started what has become a “go to event” every spring.

 Tradition is a key element of the production.  The senior video introduced in the 1977 has had the choir singing “Times of Our Lives” every year.  The closing number, “Everyday” was first used in 1982 and was arranged by Chuck Beeson, ’83